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I have known and worked with Dr. Royce Fitts for several years, and during that time I have been very impressed with his intelligence, sincerity, integrity, and highly developed skills as a projective dream worker. He is Certified through my program called the Marin Institute for Projective Dream Work of Fairfield, CA. He consults with me regularly for his own professional growth. He is a dynamic speaker, and his ability to pay close and supportive attention to others is most striking.
I would urge you not to miss the opportunity to explore the deeper meanings and healing implications of dreams with Dr. Fitts.
Dr. Jeremy Taylor
(707) 426-4654

Co-founder and past President of the International Association for the Study of Dreams, and Director of the Marin Institute for Projective Dream Work.

Author of: Where People Fly and Water Runs Uphill, Using Dreams to Tap the Wisdom of the Unconscious; The Living Labyrinth, Exploring Universal Themes in Myths, Dreams, and the Symbolism of Waking Life; Dream Work, Techniques for Discovering the Creative Power in Dreams.

Our Commission invited Dr. Royce Fitts to be a featured session speaker at our 2007 Governor’s Conference on Community Service in March, 2007. Dr. Fitts did an exemplary job presenting his two workshop sessions entitled, “Nebraska Dreams”. It was a fascinating, non-traditional topic that was extremely well received by our attendees who were clearly intrigued, engaged, and motivated by the power of his words and the unique approach using dreams as a common method of connecting people within a community to solve the community’s most pressing needs. They discovered a new way to understand themselves and connect with each other through dreaming to strengthen volunteerism and community service efforts in Nebraska.

In addition, Dr. Fitts was the guest speaker at a dinner for our Commissioners during the Conference. The dinner presentation was a unique adventure for my staff and our Commissioners and spouses. Dr. Fitts was an outstanding facilitator and guide with the expertise to develop a presentation that fit our needs perfectly – exploring a “borrowed” dream to build a group response to strengthen Commission leadership for the community good. This was a group of Governor-appointed business and agency leaders who became more comfortable with the process as we got further into the exercise of exploring one person’s dream to find a common good for all. Royce’s quiet leadership style and openness to questions put everyone at ease right away. He’s an excellent example of the right person doing the right job!

My personal reaction to the session was that my dreams are too personal to share. But when one of our Commissioners bravely and enthusiastically shared a dream, it helped me view dreaming in an entirely different light. Hearing the many different insights that others had helped me understand the dream better and see it differently as we all contributed and built upon each preceding insight to develop something that the group felt comfortable with.

Since being part of Dr. Fitts’ “Nebraska Dreams” session, it is really hard for me to have a personal dream and not want to view it in many different ways to see if there is some greater meaning or good to come out of it for my smaller community, my family. I enthusiastically recommend Dr. Fitts as a presenter and especially recommend experiencing an exploration into the world of dreams to find new ways to apply a group understanding to our community lives.

Barbara Wilson Thomas, M.S.E., Executive Director
ServeNebraska-Nebraska Volunteer Service Commission

State Capitol ~ 6th Floor West
P.O. Box 98927 ~ Lincoln, NE 68509-8927
Phone: (402) 471-6227

On October 15th – 17th of this year, the Wyoming Counseling Association held its annual fall conference at Casper College. It was our great privilege to have Dr. Royce Fitts as a half day presenter on “Projective Dreamwork” for our association members.

Speaking to counselors from different arenas, including the areas of private practice, community, addictions, school K-12, and college counseling, Dr. Fitts provided a wonderfully well-organized and educational session. His leadership style was professional and exciting. He kept the presentation on track and moving, while still involving the audience. In sharing a repetitive dream I had as an eight year old, and with help from the audience, I learned about my struggle for independence as a child. Because of “Projective Dreamwork”, my 40 years of wondering why that dream was so powerful in my life, was resolved! I witnessed other dreamers share and experience their “aha’s” as well!

Dr. Fitts was recommended to us by a college psychology instructor who heard him speak, and I gladly carry that recommendation forward to others. His expertise with dreamwork touches our human subconscious, and brings individual as well as community issues to the surface. I highly recommend Dr. Fitts as an outstanding conference presenter. To view the letter click here . . .

Becky Gurtler, President – Wyoming Couneling Association

I was honored to have the opportunity to share one of my dreams with a group of about 40 people gathered for the NASW conference. Dr. Fitts, who led a projective dream work session, was highly respectful of the risk that may be involved in sharing such an intimate moment with what started out to be a group of mostly strangers. The ground work for the session was quickly laid, asking people to own their responses to the dream they had “borrowed” from me. As others shared their projections and I related to some of them I found my own process of self reflection and understanding going deeper. Even to those who shared projections that did not fit for me I felt a sense of connection.

Dr. Fitts’ dream work asks of us not only to relate to a dream, to deepen our introspection, to connect but to contemplate together what action this dream may lead us toward for our individual, community and global health.

This opportunity was a true gift, one of slowing to be held in community while offering up the symbols of the unconscious, to together reach for consciousness and action. In this brief 90 minute interaction I came to feel supported, cared for and connected to a group that I would no longer experience as strangers.

For me to feel connected and held is healing in and of itself. What I gathered from the dream and this experience supported me to keep working on getting to my wildness, continuing to face the fear(s) that keeps me from connecting inward and outward. It supported me to continue on my journey to find more solid ground in which to get rooted, spiritually. I felt validated in my process, that it is important and necessary to continue; that the inner process is one to be trusted and valued. So, I keep showing up to my appointments with J…(my consultant), dreams in hand, preparing to one day “leap” from the metaphorical ledge on which I stand to more fully embrace life and living and trust love and loving.

I did go on to have several more bear dreams after this one…

Thanks so much for offering this gift and for your caring and respectful approach to this important and sacred work.

Lea Grubbs, Field Coordinator
Division of Social Work, University of Wyoming

Dept 3632, 1000 E. University Ave.
Laramie WY 82071
320 Health Sciences
307-766-2710 Office

I worked with Dr. Royce Fitts for several years. That work has encompassed multiple levels of deep emotional and spiritual work; it has been an excavation to discover the true self, hidden in the depths of the soul. Through psychotherapy, dream work, mirroring, group encounters and insightful guidance I am put back together, re-membered to my true self.

Royce is an insightful, intuitive therapist. He guided me through the anger that I harbored from the pain of sexual, physical, and emotional abuse that I had suffered from for most of my life. Through Dream Work I discovered the fear that I had about the possibility of having power; because I had always felt powerless. Royce insightfully and gently listened and spoke with me, teaching that the scars from old wounds could be healed at any point and time in our life. He walked with me through the deep abyss and continually reassured me that I would not be destroyed. Royce reminded me that I had people in my life that loved me for who I am.

This has been the most amazing journey of my life to this point. I will continue on this life journey knowing that I have gained a compassionate friend through the deep work we did together. It has been a blessing in my life to have met and worked with Dr. Royce Fitts. . . .

F. P., Spiritual Director

In the spring of ’99 I found myself in a deep dark hole dangerously close to suicide. The circumstances of getting to that place are not all that important but the outcome is. I was never one to talk much about my feelings, but a friend of mine could tell that I was having a difficult time and gave me the phone number for Royce. I decided to try his services although I wasn’t very optimistic and was disillusioned with life as a whole.

Royce takes the wounded spirit, and through a discovery process helps that person discover who and what they were always intended to be. Sometimes when a person reaches a certain point in their life, they may ask the question “is this all there is” and “What is my purpose in life and if there isn’t a purpose why should I keep on living when life is so difficult”?

I had pretty much quit believing in God and did not see value in myself as a person. Through my own beliefs (the discovery process) Royce introduced the concept of Process Theology which spoke about a different type of God than what I had ever known. I was introduced to a loving, compassionate caring God, not a controlling judgmental God.

Royce gave me the intellectual tools to keep me motivated to heal myself and believe in a higher purpose. If someone asked me who the one person who has impacted my life the most, I would have to say without a doubt it is Dr. Royce Fitts. Every now and then I need to go back and visit Royce for a refresher course but for the most part I feel I can handle most obstacles that life throws my way. . . .

S. W., Internet Analyst

I was in my mid-forties when I realized my life was “missing” something…I was married, had two wonderful daughters and still felt empty. I would go through the motions of my day, fall asleep at night and wake up at 2:00 AM and wonder what in the hell was wrong? Everything was seemingly perfect in my world.

I had moved to Wyoming from a Los Angeles, California suburb some years prior. In a big city, everything you need or want is at your fingertips. I knew I needed someone to talk to, someone to help me. I called my family doctor and he recommended Dr. Royce Fitts. He thought Dr. Fitts would be a good “fit” for me. I booked an appointment right away.

Speaking initially with Dr. Fitts on the phone, I could immediately feel safe and that whatever I said to him, he wouldn’t judge me. I blurted out quick stories of what was going on in my life-I couldn’t wait for our first meeting.

I, of course, didn’t know what to expect. His office was comforting and I really felt so safe there-again, I could tell him all of my “secrets” and I would not be judged or embarrassed. I figured he had heard it all. After the first visit, I drove home feeling a bit confused…where was this going? How long would it take? I just wanted to feel like myself again, not the muddled stranger I had become.

It was a journey. But I was ready. I was so ready. Dr. Fitts made me write and explore and share things I had forgotten. Events and people that had shaped me. Again, I was so ready, so willing to make a change for the positive. In the end, I can see how I became the person that was sitting in his office; becoming a stronger individual. Knowing I had to make changes in my life that would affect those that I loved so much. But I knew I could do anything I had to. I couldn’t risk “losing” myself again. There was someone inside me that the world had only had a glimpse of. My soul was filled up.

I had always been close to my mother. She was my “chicken soup person”, the one I told things to and immediately felt better. I was so proud of myself, for all the hard work I had done, for the decisions I had made, the changes I carried out. I wanted to share my journey with her, make her understand what I had gone through. But Dr. Fitts advised me not to. And I’m glad he did. No offense intended to her because she is so loving, but I don’t think she could have ever grasped my journey and I needed to respect our different worlds.

I am so happy now. My house is light and fun. I think my daughters can now see how necessary it was for me to learn how to change and develop new insights and resolve concerns from long ago. Now, they have new opportunities to learn from my journey as they create their own. The human spirit is extremely strong. I bless Dr. Fitts for helping me find my way. . . .

L. H., Homemaker

Dr. Fitts guided me through a maze of emotions and difficult memories and helped me achieve a new level of serenity and happiness with my family and career. I would recommend his counseling to anyone who has trouble dealing with their emotions and family problems. . . .

B. H., Business Executive

I am a manager/professional in the business world of Information Technology.

Over the years I attended several dream workshops, hosted by Dr. Fitts. Being a prolific dreamer for years, the insights I gained from the Projective Dream Work approach was definitely very helpful. His dream workshops coincided quite nicely with the work we have done over the years in other forms of consulting and personal growth.

One dream session I recall in particular, one of the group members was describing her dream. I had a strong feeling, as she was describing her dream, that there was a strong tie to the Holocaust during World War II. When I brought up the Holocaust issue in our projective group sharing later on, she was absolutely stunned. This person’s mother had, in waking life, survived a Holocaust camp in Europe during WWII. Nothing in this woman’s dissertation suggested this terrible event, but my suspicions/projections were right on target. It was simply amazing how Dr. Fitts and his program were able to produce such keen revelations into how our dreams reveal hidden secrets in our personal lives.

Dr. Fitts is very adept at making the participants feel at ease and creating an environment that encourages a kind of supernatural bond within the group. He is truly gifted in his practice and I wholeheartedly recommend his dream sessions to anyone. . . .

B. L., Nebraska

About six years ago I happened upon a flier about a dream workshop being facilitated by Dr. Fitts. Having always been a vivid dreamer and coming to the conclusion that a dream is not just a dream; I went to the workshop hoping to be enlightened about the meaning of dreams. I was greatly impressed with Dr. Fitts and his presentation of “Projective Dream Work.” I found Dr. Fitts to be warm and engaging, as well as being a skillful group facilitator.

Since that workshop six years ago, I have become a disciple of Projective Dream Work. Dr. Fitts and I created a therapeutic relationship in which many of my dreams became the focus. This work led to a great deal of healing of my Self. It also paved the way for personal transformation and a significant transition in my life. Three years ago I began a journey of higher education; working on a Doctor of Ministry degree in Pastoral Counseling. From the outset of my studies I knew that I would be writing my doctoral thesis about the importance of paying attention to our dreams and using Projective Dream Work.

I am indebted to Dr. Fitts for providing me with my first exposure to Projective Dream Work. And these many years later I am thankful for his continued support and care for me and my particular journey.

M.F., D. Min., Psychotherapist

I attended a weekend retreat conducted by Dr. Royce Fitts April 25-27, 2014. I wasn’t sure what to expect from Projective Dream Work. To say the least, I was very pleasantly surprised. It was a perfect use of my time and investment. I learned skills I had no idea were even possible.

In the past I had always thought of dream work as someone telling me how to interpret various symbols that occurred in my dreams. This experience was nothing like that. What I liked most was the self-empowering aspects of Dr. Fitts Projective Dream Work.

I was able to listen to the stories from other people’s dream, “borrow” those dreams, and experience my own individualized interpretation of those stories. Each dream that was discussed had a special and deep meaning for me – metaphorically speaking.

There were two specific metaphoric dreams that I “borrowed” that weekend that have already given me new direction and focus in both my personal life and my career.

I would strongly encourage anyone who desires to open their lives to new and exciting self-empowering vistas to contact Dr. Fitts about his consulting and training offerings.

Tom Dearth
President: Customer Speak for the Technical Geek