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    "Tips on Dream Work"


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Spiritual Counseling and Dream Work

I am honored that you are considering becoming a counseling client. Please review this page for descriptions of my services and fee information. I have divided this information into four sections:

1) Spiritual Counseling and Dream Work; 2) Coaching/Consulting; 3) Retreats and Workshops; and 4) Fees & Payment Information.



You may be in a business, faith or community group or organization and need help to deal with some difficult or challenging spiritual, ethical, organizational or people-oriented issues.  Or you may be an individual needing brief/short-term consultation about important matters.  We explore these issues in a focused, goal-directed manner, ending with a clear result.  Journaling and exploring night-time dreams are helpful tools and are invited in this process, as well.

Please review the Testimonials page to see what other clients say. We consult as your needs arise.  Schedule your session or email me for more information (or call me at 308.436.2224).