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My Services

Spiritual Counseling and Dream Work Services

I am honored that you are considering becoming a counseling client.  Please review this page for descriptions of my services and fee information.  I have divided this information into four sections:

1) Spiritual Counseling and Dream Work; 2) Coaching/Consulting; 3) Retreats and Workshops; and 4) Fees & Payment Information.

Spiritual Counseling and Dream Work:

You may be struggling with important, painful and difficult life issues.  You may be exhausted spiritually and emotionally.  Relationships may be wounding.   Your professional life and work may be empty, without direction.  You may be suffering through a mid-life crisis.  Your night-time dreams may be deeply puzzling and disturbing.  You may be in mid or later life and are wondering – is this all you are?  You may be losing your sense of meaning and purpose in your life.

Through counseling and spiritual reflection, here is how I will seek to help you:

I have over 35 years of seasoned experience as a human relations professional, psychotherapist and theologian working in the areas of emotional and spiritual health.  I provide spiritual counseling and therapy to executives, business professionals, ministers, physicians, professors, educators, mental health professionals, men and women homemakers, farmers and ranchers, persons retired or soon to be, persons married, single, gay and straight.

You have a right to expect non-judgemental openness from me.  Your health is about you and for you.  You may identify yourself as deeply spiritual, or not.  You may be deeply agnostic, atheistic, or intentionally religious.   We all share deep values to yearn and create meaning and purpose in our lives.  We are and must be a caring community doing our best to be healing and inclusive, always moving toward our best health and wholeness.

When you and I choose to work together, we have an on-going relationship of whatever duration is healthfully chosen. Sometimes this type of work is referred to as therapy or psychotherapy because we explore deeply your inner self.  We work to solve, resolve, understand, gain insights, heal and, if necessary, change your choices and life for your health and wholeness. You are invited to journal and email your struggles…thoughts…wonderings.  We often explore your night-time dreams in gentle ways which will bring amazing guidance to your waking life.  We can either have our counseling sessions face-to-face or on the phone (and in later 2009, computer video and online counseling) weekly, twice monthly, monthly or whatever is  healthfully needed.  Please review the Testimonials page to read what other clients say.  Schedule your session or email me for more information or call me at 308.631.2398.

You may be in a business, faith or community group or organization and need help to deal with some difficult or challenging spiritual, ethical, organizational or people-oriented issues.  Or you may be an individual needing brief/short-term consultation about important matters.  We explore these issues in a focused, goal-directed manner, ending with a clear result.  Journaling and exploring night-time dreams are helpful tools and are invited in this process, as well.  Please review the Testimonials page to see what other clients say. We consult as your needs arise.  Schedule your session or email me for more information or call me at 308.631.2398.

Retreats and Workshops:

“IN YOUR DREAMS!! Let The Dreams of Your Life Create The Life of Your Dreams!!” Groups or organizations may sponsor weekend or week-long retreats or brief workshops on exploring, understanding and using the wisdom and guidance of night-time dreams.  These safe, gentle, professionally-guided experiences use the insights of Projective Dream-Work and are powerful, healing and life-changing.  Team-building for groups, spiritual direction and renewal, problem-solving in organizations, healing in relationships and discovering inner-direction for new ways of living and choices are just a few examples of using the skills of Projective Dream-Work.  Please review the Testimonials page to see what others say.  Fees for Retreats and Workshops are based on amount of time, travel and expenses.   Schedule your retreat or workshop or email me for more information or call me at 308.631.2398.

Fees & Payment Information:

FREE! Your first 30 minute counseling session is free if you are contacting me for counseling or consulting for the first time through this website and if you are considering becoming a private pay therapy (non-insurance) client.

FREE! Sign up for my newest blog posting and meditation from Stories, Prayers, Dreams and Reflections.  Just go to my blog, click on ‘follow this blog’ and sign up.

Schedule a session by email or by calling me at 308.631.2398

Sessions may be via telephone, computer video conferencing, or, of course, face-to-face in one of my offices.

Fees:  Each counseling or consulting session is in increments of 30, 60, 90 minutes or 2 hour sessions, depending on needs, of course.  Fees are $50.00 for each 30 minute increment for private pay, web-based and telephone clients (non-insurance).

Methods of payment are MasterCard, Visa, Discover, American Express credit cards, debit cards, PayPal, and, if face-to-face, also by check/cash.

(Insurance is accepted for payment only if I am a provider for that company and if we have regular face-to-face sessions in one of my offices.  These are insurance rules, of course, and all insurance contracts have their standard fees/rules for reimbursement of counseling).

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