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Retreats & Workshops-Brochures

I am honored that you are considering becoming a counseling client. Please review this page for descriptions of my services and fee information. I have divided this information into four sections:

1) Spiritual Counseling and Dream Work; 2) Coaching/Consulting; 3) Retreats and Workshops; and 4) Fees & Payment Information.

Retreats and Workshops for Dream Work and Spiritual Counseling:

“IN YOUR DREAMS!! Let The Dreams of Your Life Create The Life of Your Dreams!!” Groups or organizations may sponsor weekend or week-long retreats or brief workshops on exploring, understanding and using the wisdom and guidance of night-time dreams.  These safe, gentle, professionally-guided experiences use the insights of Projective Dream-Work and are powerful, healing and life-changing.  Team-building for groups, spiritual direction and renewal, problem-solving in organizations, healing in relationships and discovering inner-direction for new ways of living and choices are just a few examples of using the skills of Projective Dream-Work.

Please review the Testimonials page to see what others say.  Fees for Retreats and Workshops are based on amount of time, travel and expenses.   Schedule your retreat or workshop or email me for more information (or call me at 308.436.2224).