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    "Tips on Dream Work"


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Mindfulness, Pain Management and Your Night-Time Dreams

Those midnight movies that you make in your head are there to help. Those weird, embarrassing, “can’t-believe-they-mean-anything”, sometimes nightmarish electrical discharges in your brain at night can help you manage your pain more effectively. I am trained and seasoned in various approaches to dream work such as Psychoanalytic, Jungian, Gestalt and Projective Approaches. Paying attention to our dreams, all dreams, in my experience, including trauma memory dreams, assists clients to reduce pain, anxiety, depression and increases more productive, meaningful living.

Here’s how:

Pay attention to your dreams with a curious and non-judgemental tone. This is training yourself to be mindful. The benefits are increased self-awareness for both mind and body. Being curious and exploring the meanings of dream symbols will enable a person to be more self accepting and empowered in daily living. Having conversations about dreams with trusted others will enhance relationships, reduce anxiety and increase connections with others.

Mindfulness is the key component in working with dreams.  It is empowering to explore the various symbols of the dream’s “elements” and move toward understanding the dream’s many messages for the dreamer. The client becomes more attuned to her/his inner self and, thus is more attuned to her/his waking world to live more productively and meaningfully. Remember, only the dreamer can say for sure what the dream means.

Keep a dream journal and bring selected dreams to sessions to explore. Journaling dreams engages the “thinking brain” to become more in touch and aware of the dreamer’s body, emotions, reactions and choices.

Dr. Royce Fitts
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