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Mindfulness and Pain Management

What is mindfulness?

Is it good, bad, weird, fake, “whoo-whoo,” helpful, “just for yoga folks, but not for real people”, spooky, meditation or what?

“Dr. Fitts, sometimes when I’m in pain, feeling really uncomfortable and can’t sleep, I try to remember some good, restful, relaxing times…that were pleasurable…and, I fall asleep…”

Mindfulness.THAT is what the person experienced in order to fall asleep.

We do thinking like that all the time. We just don’t call it mindful.

Ever get lost in a great movie, a book, or visiting with someone and, suddenly, you realize, you have lost track of time!?

Mindfulness. Focused attention.

When you need to relieve your pain and discomfort, you can train your mind to focus on something that will capture your thinking and take your thoughts in a new direction.

Try this little trick on yourself: Don’t think about your breathing right now. Don’t think about the air being sucked into your lungs and the air being released. Don’t think about breathing.

Can’t do it, can you? You have to think about your breathing because you were directed to think about it. This little trick shows you how good you are that you can become mindful on purpose.

Mindfulness helps to manage many parts of our lives like pain, depression, anxiety, grief, work, relationships.

Mindfulness is focused attention. Simple. Hard. Powerful. And, it works.

Dr. Royce Fitts
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