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    "Tips on Dream Work"


    Relationships * Mindfulness * Spiritual Counseling * Dream Work

Healing Through Dreams

You Dreamed What? Oh, no!

Ever feel like that? Dreams can be so confusing, embarrassing, weird, scary, sexy, seemingly insignificant…on and on we go in describing these often, indescribable electrical impulses in our brain that “go bump in the night!”

Maybe you study your dreams regularly—good for you! You likely know and deeply appreciate the richness your dreams bring to your waking, work-a-day life!

Maybe you have not studied/explored your dreams…yet, you are curious as to what your dreams mean. Through dream work you can prepare yourself for an adventure of a most unusual kind! I, quite literally, love dreams. I value the amazing wisdom, guidance and, I believe, the healthy self-care which emerges from exploring our dreams. I explore and process dreams with you primarily through an approach called “Projective Dream Work”. This is often experienced in group or community formats, as well as in individual exploration.

I invite you to read the information below. It is divided into eight sections:

1) Let The Dreams Of Your Life Create The Life Of Your Dreams

2) The Basics of Projection

3) Here’s What Projective Dream Work Looks Like

4) The Dreamwork Tool Kit

5) How To Catch A Dream

6) The Community of Your Dreams

7) The Dreams of Leadership

8) Random Thoughts, Tips, Trips on Dreams

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