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    "Tips on Dream Work"


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Spiritual Counseling and Dream Work, Coaching/Consulting, Retreats and Workshops

You are on a sacred journey…

This whole process of therapy — exploring, healing, changing a life is about you, not me.  Yet, you are possibly “hiring” a consultant to join you. You have a right to seek a therapist or counselor who is a safe, professional guide and who will add expertise to your journey. Perhaps it would be helpful for you to have a brief introduction of who I am and how I approach Counseling and Spiritual Reflection, Consulting, Retreats and Workshops.

I have divided this information into four sections: 1) My Philosophy of Spiritual Counseling and Dream Work, 2) Persons With Whom I Work Best, 3) Examples of What You May Expect, and 4) My Licenses, Credentials and Education / Resume.

My Philosophy of
Spiritual Counseling and Dream Work

The central core of what I believe and how I approach my work and play revolves around the question:  What is the meaning and purpose of life? (Yeah, now that’s heavy!) Even more core is:  What is the meaning of my life?  and, more importantly:  What is the meaning and purpose of your life?

These are questions of our existence.  These are spiritual questions, philosophical questions.  These questions are asked by all of us, in a thousand ways, consciously and unconsciously.  We ask these questions, no matter what we believe about god or no god: How do we make sense of life?
(And, maybe these are even boring questions! Feel free to nap here….)

So, as you seek therapy, you, somehow, I assume, are asking these questions.  They likely will be asked without direct words but through struggle, anguish, and pain: a broken heart, depression, shattered relationships, a yearning for new directions, illness, job struggles, a new birth, losing a dream, a desert journey, or maybe, even winning the lottery! (go figure!)

I believe, no matter what, that we are ultimately responsible to create our own meaning and purpose.  We cannot control the outside part of life: how others make good and bad decisions, or the moon going out of orbit (did that happen?), or whether or not you like me (remember actress Sally Field’s reaction to winning the Oscar? “You like me! You like me!”)

We do, however, have a most unusual power:  We choose our response.

How will I, you, respond?

We create our own meaning and purpose.

This gives us the opportunity to make and experience a lot of hope and/or a lot of despair.

We are not, I believe, alone in this process.  I am drawn to believe that we are within a loving, spiritual presence.

Ever hear this ancient religious phrase:  God with us? Well, this concept of “God being with us” is quite profound.  Imagine, we are within God, God with us.  I love the ancient Hebrew/Christian/Muslim understanding of the name “Emmanuel”, which, beautifully means “God with us”!  Always, no matter what… .  This loving, spiritual presence is yearning, working, playing, crying, celebrating with us – joining us, beckoning us from far out front, and beside us, in creating a healing, joyous adventure, creating meaning and purpose.  Imagine!  God and us in a partnership to create the world!

(aha-h-h-m-m-m, and what kind of job have we done so far??)

The “us” includes all Creation, even the trees, rocks and stones sing out!  We join, participate with the Creation to create.  Sometimes this is fun!  Creation.  Re-creation.  Recreation.  Always it is meaningful.

So, you and I work and play together, along with this loving, spiritual presence to create meaning and purpose…

Sometimes in Counseling and Spiritual Reflection this stuff is actually talked about, sometimes it never is…that does not matter.  However, since you are likely paying hard-earned money for therapy, you certainly have a right to know where I’m coming from in regards to the philosophy I use.

What really does matter is that you get better… !

Persons With Whom I Work Best

First, thank you for choosing to consider to work with me as your therapist and spiritual counselor.  I am honored.

So that you and I both do our best together, I want to share with you the ideal characteristics that I look and listen for in my therapy clients:

  • My ideal therapy client feels free to ask questions (all questions are good!) and discusses with me the direction and process of our counseling and work.
  • My ideal therapy client is self-motivated and ready to make lasting change.  My practice is limited so that I can make deep investment in our work together.  I limit myself to working only with serious, committed people.
  • My ideal therapy client generally takes the lead in the sessions to explore areas of concern and growth, and follows through on assignments between sessions.
  • My ideal therapy client longs for meaning and purpose in life, is open to seeking ways to take responsibility for making healthy choices and healing responses to life.  Rather than “rigid religion,” my ideal client is open to consider spiritual and heart-centered values and journeys.
  • My ideal therapy client appreciates and takes ownership in the emotional, spiritual, financial, and time investment in counseling and pays fees on time.  This allows us to focus on the primary issues and not be sidetracked.
  • My ideal therapy client values direct and honest feedback from me.  I sometimes offer direct interpretations and recommendations.  I work best with clients who are strong enough to hear my feedback and who can dialogue with me.  I do not need you to agree with me.

Perhaps my sharing, also, invites you to consider what you look for in your “ideal counselor”.  Feel free to share your thoughts with me.

Examples Of What You May Expect

Therapy and Spiritual Counseling calls forth the best in us.  We are all able to create and experience meaning, purpose and growth.  This is the foundation for our healing. Many clients have experienced the following:

  • Increased assertiveness, healthier self-care and other-care.
  • Work and play blending together.
  • Exploration and greater understanding of your night-time dreams, understanding their meaning and guidance for your waking life. 
  • Greater vocational meaning and purpose.
  • Expressing healthy power.
  • Reduced conflict with loved ones and co-workers.
  • A kinder, gentler self.
  • Discovering new direction in life.
  • A deeper sense of spiritual connection with self, others and the Creation.
  • Increased patience and forgiveness toward self and others.
  • Release of destructive emotions and toxic living.
  • Healthier choices for marriages and committed relationships.
  • Turning suffering into meaning, purpose, and healing.

Ultimately, as we heal we offer healing to others: our partners, children, families, relationships, and in our larger culture and world.  In little and big ways the world becomes different and is affected by our changes and process.

Licenses, Credentials and Education

1) I am licensed in the states of:
Indiana, Marriage and Family Therapist #35000903A
Nebraska, Mental Health Practioner #1065; Certified Marriage and Family Therapist #019
Wyoming, Marriage and Family Therapist #108

2) I am a Clinical Member of The American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy (, and a Fellow in The American Association of Pastoral Counselors (


3) I hold a Doctor of Ministry Degree with a specialization in Individual, Couple and Family Psychotherapy from Christian Theological Seminary (, Indianapolis, Indiana (1992).

4) I am Certified as a Dream Work Facilitator through the Marin Institute for Projective Dream Work, Fairfield, California (

5) Click here to download a copy of my resume.