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The Zero of God

A Meditation on Stillness

We sat in a small circle not saying much at all. Somehow, the stillness became the moment, became the topic, became the way to be…one person shared, quietly, how this moment reminded her of childhood; that when she was left alone, she would seek out her private place of peace, would climb a nearby tree, her favorite tree, her private tree, her tree friend and would just sit and sit and sit in the arms of this old, giant friend and sway in the gentle breezes. Listening to the crinkle of leaves, brushed by the wind. She would talk to God then, transcending time and space, feeling, believing, knowing she was resting in God.

Another shared, how in this quiet moment of being still, she, not often able to feel peace, not often able to move into the quietness of her soul, so blocked by years of painful labor to simply survive, was able, this day, to “borrow” the images of her friend and “imagine” herself in the tree…trusting to rest in the arms of the tree…

I, too, remembered…remembered how, as a young boy, I would gaze up, up through the huge branches of an old cottonwood tree from far down below…sitting and drifting in my old rope swing, supported by the old tree…letting it sing to me with the music of waxy leaves and lazy breezes…

Someone remembered the ancient Hebrew scripture, the ancient Psalm, “Be still and know…”

How the words seemed odd, simple, so profound. What does it mean, to be still and know…?

Perhaps the ancient Hebrew implied that it is in our “letting go”, in our “dropping our hands” and stopping, in owning our “giving up” from the depths of our soul, that we can, then, mysteriously “know”…how to “be”, how to be held in “stillness”…

One understanding of addictions is that the substance, the compulsion, the activity that we use to unhealthy extreme which comes to dominate our souls is really an attempt, a false attempt, to “ease ourselves”, to calm our soul, to be still, a false way of “knowing”, to quiet the anxiety of our wounded soul.

Who would guess, who would think that the way to heal the soul’s anxiety is “to be still”, to rest in the tree, to be…

A thought emerged that day, that this is the “zero of God”, that this moment, this moment of resting, listening to the crinkle of leaves in the brushing of wind is the stillness of healing, calming the anxiety, dropping our hands, stopping, moving to zero, and being held.

May we move toward zero.

2 Responses to “The Zero of God”

  • Hi,

    Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

    Like the topic turning SAD to GLAD–what about delivering this topic at The Hanlon House B&B on a Monday or Tuesday evening at 7-7:30?

    Let me know what you think.

    Peace and Love,

  • Marilyn Johnson:

    It is only in the stillness one can hear the hum of the universe. One’s mind and thoughts come and go but are not given power. There is no attatchment to that which is of the mind and the body. In stillness is the true knowing, the beingness experienced. In stillnes one feels full connection, a oneness with all. The deep longing is now fulfilled. Such peace and joy…

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