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Everything Happens for a Reason?

“Everything Happens for a Reason”…

by Dr. Royce Fitts

Spiritual Counselor, DreamWorker, Psychotherapist

Ever say that?  Believe that?

Many, many people do, really do, believe in that phrase…

Maybe you are one?  Maybe not?

OK, please follow me.  Here is the scene:

I was watching last night (4/26/11), a bit of Dancing With the Stars,  you know, THAT show on Fox TV?

Well, one of the (superb, of course) entertainers appearing to sing was a beautiful, young woman, a talented singer, named Pia, who was rejected from American Idol just last week.

Fair enough.  Well, in the gentle “give and take” banter between the host and Pia about the irony/oddness of her being rejected by American Idol and now, just a week later, is appearing on Dancing With the Stars, she blurts out her belief system!

Yeah, really she did!

How do you blurt out your belief system in a brief instant on nationwide TV?  Well, she said in response to the host about the irony/oddness of her being rejected by one, and then included by another, as:

“Well, everything happens for a reason…”  And in her gracious, giddy, perhaps, ego centric manner, went on to describe that “all this was meant to be…”.


There is a lot of that going around these days.

Now, I was also watching a bit of CNN at the same time…channel surfing the news and entertainment stuff.  Not a good habit, but, so what?  It is fun, sort of.

I was watching the coverage of the awful Syrian government reaction of violently attacking and killing common, freedom-seeking Syrian citizens…

Tragic, painful, depressing.

I had in mind, too, this day, of being with some of my amazing clients, those ones who, against the tide, are working towards healing their souls.  One of whom, when she was barely two years old, believes she saw her mother murdered…and, some forty years later, is doing her best to be a healer for self AND others.  Amazing, she is…(I use her experience here with her permission.)

I had in my mind, too, this day, of experiencing one of the scariest moments I have ever had while driving my Nebraska highways…OUT OF NOWHERE I ran into a highway flooded full of snow/slush/water/ice and spun, fish-tailed, sled and, finally, stopped in the borrow-pit, along side the road, unhurt, undamaged and stunned with the crazy question of “What WAS that???”

So, last night, while watching TV, I listened to Pia’s thoughts…everything happens for a reason…???

I tried them on, her thoughts.  I thought Pia’s thoughts.

So, in the five or so BILLION years of Life, God, Creator creating this little part of the universe, this little part of the solar system, that, after all that amazing creativity and patient evolving of life and form and rock and sea and molecule and cell and light and dark…Life, God, Creator planned and intended for Pia to, first be rejected from American Idol then “move across the hall to sing with Dancing With the Stars”…?

Because, everything happens for a reason…?

Because, the people who are fighting oppression were killed today in Syria…

Because, my client’s mother was murdered…

Because, Royce does NOT have a car accident…

And Pia has wonderful music…

In the five billion years of creation-to-date…

Everything happens for a reason


(Let’s dialogue about this…I will value your comments.)

One Response to “Everything Happens for a Reason?”

  • I think people say “everything happens for a reason”…when something good comes out of something bad.
    I used to use that quote myself…It kind of makes you feel better about all the bad thing’s that happen. I don’t really use that quote anymore, since I cannot find the reasoning behind the tragic death of my Daughter and her unborn Son.
    So I guess it helps people get through some of the (hard) things in their lives…
    (Royce edited this entry for clarity)

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