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October 2009 Newsletter

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October 2009
Venus Rising
How Curiosity and Wonder Changes You, Me…and God (?)

by Dr. D. Royce Fitts,
Spiritual Counselor and Psychotherapist

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Tel: (308) 436-2224
Cell: (308) 631-2398

“The meanings of our lives and the meaning of our dreams are mirrors of each other.”
– Dr. D. Royce Fitts

In this issue:
1) Upcoming Dream Workshops, Retreats and Speaking Events
2) Counseling and Consulting Services
3) Newsletter Archives
4) October”s Newsletter Article:  Venus Rising, How Curiosity and Wonder Changes You, Me…and God (?)

Upcoming Events:

October 15-17, 2009, Casper WY:  Wyoming Counseling Association Annual Conference.  Friday, Oct. 16, Royce will be speaking and leading an experiential workshop entitled:  In Your Dreams!! Let the Dreams of Your Life Create the Life of Your Dreams!  If you are a Health Care Professional and need to get more Continuing Education Units, check out this website for the full and exceptional agenda of this conference:  For more information, go to this web-page or email

New! October 24, 2009, Gillette, WY:  First Presbyterian Church of Gillette.  Royce will be leading an all-day Saturday workshop open to everyone entitled:  In Your Dreams!!  Let the Dreams of Your Life Create the Life of Your Dreams!  For more information, email or Rev. Peggy Brown

New!  November 6-7, 2009, Denver, CO:  Rocky Mountain/Plains Fall Regional Meeting of the American Association of Pastoral Counselors.  Royce will be leading an introductory workshop on Projective Dream Work on Saturday, Nov. 7.  For more information, email

New!  January 15-17, 2010, Pendle Hill Retreat and Conference Center, Wallingford, PA (near Philadelphia):  This beautiful and historic Quaker center serves as the perfect winter setting for dreaming and deep dream work.  The warmth of a fire, the trust of a circle of Friends invites us to experience a weekend of spiritual growth, healing and restoration of our souls through the gentle process of Projective Dream Work.  Royce leads us through the weekend entitled:  In Your Dreams!!  Let the Dreams of Your Life Create the Life of Your Dreams!  For more information, go to the Pendle Hill website or email      


Counseling, Retreat and Workshop Services:
Are you disturbed or curious about the meanings of your dreams?
Are you spiritually exhausted, experiencing depression or anxiety in your soul?
Are you missing fulfillment or direction in your life and work?
Are your relationships wounding and difficult?
I offer face-to-face or telephone sessions to explore with you and help you create healing through these difficult situations and experiences.
Or, if you are seeking to understand dreams and would like to sponsor or attend a retreat or workshop, please call me at 308.436.2224 or email to learn more about my counseling and consulting services.  You may also click here for more information.


New! Newsletter Archives:
Have you ever wished you could locate a previous newsletter that contained an interesting article?
I am pleased to announce you now have access to previous month’s newsletters, click here.


October Newsletter Article:

It is October and I must share an autumn wonder with you…before it goes away.

Perhaps some of you know I live in an area of western Nebraska that is a kind of “secret place”.

It is hidden, invisible to most citizens and travelers who generally think of Nebraska as that vast ribbon of highway, Inter-state 80, that goes careening 500 miles, boundary to boundary, across the oh-so-flat priarie and river bottoms of the North Platte River.  This river has always been a pathway for travelers, for ancient and contemporary nomads seeking, for good or ill, their adventure and livelihood.

But, somewhere north of I-80, I shall not say exactly where, is a region of rugged sandstone bluffs and deep canyons that, for the few who know about it and call it home, is filled with beauty and wonder.  The eastern and western skies are forever.  Stand on a bluff and you shall see…yes, that”s it!  You shall see…!  See.

And so, I invite you to see.  I ask you to join me in this ancient land for a moment.  I invite you to take this moment to experience a wonder that, I swear, will affect you, make you wonder, will rip boredom and complacency out of your life for a second or two…will give you awe.

Venus is now the morning star…and will be for a while yet, then will become the evening sentry in a few months.  But, now get up with me at 4:45 AM.  Drag yourself out of your dreams! and spend an hour staring at the eastern horizon…at a place without trees.  You will see… wonder rising in the east…

Venus Rising – How Curiosity and Wonder Changes You, Me…and God (?)

I wonder…

does Creator notice tiny moments of Creation?  Does Creator, perhaps, through our soul, experience moments of wonder and beauty?  About you?  Even me?  And, so, on this October morning, hours before dawn, I wonder…I gaze at the eastern horizon and see Venus rising.  I am filled with wonder.  I, without trying, begin to pray…

Good Morning, God,

early this morning, caring not to sleep, I see

Venus rising…

across the rugged canyons, beyond the open prairie, barely above the ponderosa pines,

the brilliant orange/white light touches her sister, Earth…

and me.

Do you know of this, God? Do you see what I see?

Does Venus rising

touch you, too?

I wonder about the wonder,

the vastness of T’unjkasila,

the Lakota words for

all that is…

I wonder about you, God,

the all that is…

Can a tiny moment of light, a simple reflection of the sun bouncing off a piece of planetary rock

delight you?

the all that is,

like it delights me?

Does Venus rising

inspire you, change you, make you see and feel this moment of wonder?

like it does me?

I hope so, God…

I hope that Venus rising this early morn

touches you,

makes you feel the wonder of

all that is

and reflects this light of oneness of you, me and

all that is…

Autumn blessings to all we are…


Copyright Dr. D. Royce Fitts 2009.  All Rights Reserved.

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