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September 2009 Newsletter

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September 2009
A Necessary Adventure
What Projection, Meditation and an Amazing Neighbor Have in Common

by Dr. D. Royce Fitts,
Spiritual Counselor and Psychotherapist

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In this issue:
1) Upcoming Workshops, Retreats and Speaking Events
2) September’s Newsletter Article:  A Necessary Adventure

Upcoming Events:

Oct. 15-17, 2009:  Wyoming Counseling Association Annual Conference, Casper WY.  Friday, Oct. 16, I will be speaking and leading an experiential workshop on:  In Your Dreams!! Let the Dreams of Your Life Create the Life of Your Dreams!  Check out this website for the full and exceptional agenda of this conference.

November 6-8, 2009, Boise, ID:  The Geography of Your Soul:  Exploring Your Dreams, Excavating Your Stories, Healing Your Heart…a gentle weekend journey of dream work and psychotherapy for spiritual and personal growth led by Dr. Royce Fitts.  Sponsored by Sacred Door and Angie Billings.  Call (308.436.2224) or email me for more info.


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September, 2009 Newsletter Article:

A Necessary Adventure – What Projection, Meditation and an Amazing Neighbor Have in Common

Almost every day I watch her greet the dawn.

Ever so silent, she holds her gaze to the eastern light.  I am invited to wonder by her gaze.  What does she see?  What does she hear?  Does light have sound?  Can she hear the sun’s light rising, streaking across the morning sky?  Does she see the shadows of light and darkness play and interplay across the landscape?

The canyons, before dawn, are dark and brooding.  As she watches the light come, the canyon’s secrets of the night before are released for her to see.  She watches intently, perched on the wood pile, on the edge of a canyon, darting eyes scan all that lies before her.

She meditates.  Drawing balance into her self and soul for this new day.  She returns gratitude to the sun, appreciation for this light of awe.

I do not disturb her.  I seek to be as silent as the new light she is watching.  I cannot help but follow her gaze.  I cannot help but be in wonder about this moment she is beholding.  I am in awe.  She invites me to be, and I accept this invitation, without questioning these possibilities.  She can and so shall I.

One day, when we were hiking these canyons, she bolted off in her own direction, chasing wild coyote cousins down and through the draws and arroyos.  I called her back, but she was on her necessary adventure and pretended not to hear.  My other companions, dog neighbors, too, stayed close, not seeing and chasing what she saw.

Where is she?  Will she be safe?  Sometimes safety and necessary adventure do not go hand in hand.

Later, as we hiked far to the canyon’s other side, I looked up to see her rushing back to me, and to her regular dog companions.  Her eyes afraid, her tongue hanging out in a mixture of exhaustion and anxiety.  She stopped, felt safer now with all her friends, and turned to face the direction from where she came.  Two coyote cousins stood not far, having chased her back and, laughing in trickster glee, counted coup on this adventurous one who, perhaps, learned a lesson from these wild relatives.

Speaking of cousins and wild relatives, projection and meditation seem to be cousins, too.  When we are conscious of our inner projections, when we are intentional in exploring a dream with a community of trusted companions, we are, I believe, on a journey of meditation.  We are engaged in a curious and compassionate purpose to enlighten ourselves and others to the wonder and healing of life.  Projection and meditation invite us to explore deeply the unwritten story of our souls.  How else are we to know, except to explore?  How else are we to grow, except to take the chances of our lifetime, to create the chances of our lifetime.  What if my friend, the dog above, had not followed her curiosity, what would she have learned?

Projection and meditation have a dangerous edge.  Unconscious projection is more dangerous still, raining havoc and death on innocents.  We know people and governments that make alive the nightmares and terrors of the night.

I invite you to meditate and intentionally project with all the consciousness you can muster.  Perhaps do it at dawn, on a wood pile overlooking a canyon.  Welcome the morning light.  Listen to the silence.  Draw balance into yourself and soul for this new day.  Hold the day in gratitude.

What stories and dreams and lives can you create if you give yourself permission to explore and seek your necessary adventure in the canyons of your soul?

Will you meet your wild relatives?

I wonder…

Blessings this September,


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