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August 2009 Newsletter

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August 2009

How to Change the World –
One Dream at a Time

by Dr. D. Royce Fitts,
Spiritual Counselor and Psychotherapist

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In this issue: 
1) Upcoming Workshops, Retreats and Speaking Events
2) August’s Newsletter Article:  How to Change the World–One Dream at a Time…

Upcoming Events:
August 9-13, 2009:  I am honored to be assisting Dr. Jeremy Taylor in a retreat at the historic Quaker Pendle Hill Retreat and Conference Center, near Philadelphia, PA.  Theme: Unlocking the Creative Power of Dreams.

Oct. 15-17, 2009:  Wyoming Counseling Association Annual Conference, Casper WY.  Friday, Oct. 16, I will be speaking and leading an experiential workshop on:  In Your Dreams!! Let the Dreams of Your Life Create the Life of Your Dreams!  Check out this website for the full and exceptional agenda of this conference.

Oct. 23-25, 2009, Boise, ID:  The Geography of Your Soul:  Exploring Your Dreams, Excavating Your Stories, Healing Your Heart…a gentle weekend journey of dream work and psychotherapy for spiritual and personal growth led by Dr. Royce Fitts.  Sponsored by Sacred Door and Angie Billings.  Call (308.436.2224) or email me for more info.


If you would like more information or to schedule a session, workshop, retreat or speaking engagement, please call (308.436.2224) or email me.

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August’s Newletter:
How to Change the World–One Dream at a Time…
by Dr. Royce Fitts
Spiritual Counselor and Psychotherapist
Her dream, as I remember it ( and used here with her permission) dealt with courses of lush, green, leafy salads (many salads! not just one measly dinner salad!), fruits, vegetables, salad condiments and warm, creamy soup.  There was more!  Beautiful displays of other appetizing nourishment’s filled the very large formal dinning table.  Many people were in attendance.  All were eating, enjoying this amazing bounty.  All seemed to be eating quickly.  Attentive servants stood by, rushing to fill empty plates and bring more salads to all.  Except, for the dreamer who was not in a rush.  She ate slowly, slowly…savoring the taste of each lush leaf, the condiments, the warm, creamy soup.  Servants lined up behind her, waiting for her to finish the plate so another could be delivered.  She ate slowly, ever so slowly…the servants seemed impatient, dressed in their formal tuxedo wear, wanting to rush her along with the rest of the guests of this formal dinning experience…
And, just what does this dream mean?
Go ahead, do it!  Guess!  Throw out your best wonders, projections, interpretations, analysis.  Have at it!  Delve into this salad of your dreams! 
A small (or large! depending on your perspective) group of basically strangers met one recent Saturday morning to do just that, explore the meaning of this and other dreams.  This group of fifteen diverse (yeah, diverse, like a lush mix of salads of many different kinds of people!) had never met before in the context of seeking to understand the meaning of dreams.  A few folks had known other attendees in other professional and social settings, but, most had never met before.  So, this health-food mix of diverse salad people shared their wisdom, their life experiences, and their dreams.
Curious as to how exploring a dream is done?  Curious as to what affect exploring a dream has on a dreamer?  If a dream means something, anything…so what?  Can a dream influence some one’s life?  Can a dream change a life?  Can a dream affect more than the dreamer?  Can a dream influence a group, a family, a community, a nation, the world?  How kookie is that?
A dream changing the world?
Well, on that recent Saturday, we explored these questions and more.  We explored, borrowed and “projected” our own perceptions onto the dream that was partially described above.  But, don’t worry, no animals or humans or other living things were harmed in this production.  And, you may do this at home!  Curiosity and openness are all you need, plus one or two very trusted listeners and fellow explorers.  Be the first kid on your block to start a dream group and watch your life change, and, maybe, even, change the world…
In a moment, I will share how to go about exploring a dream.  But, first, I want to share a most passionate ah-ha I received from this described dream:
The lucious, diverse salad reminded me that we are all in this together.  We are all called to the table to feast.  We are all alike.  I realized how we tend to be impatient…no–how I tend to be impatient and want to devour the lushness of life.  One wise (we were all so wise that Saturday!!) participant reflected that she had read,  “If all of the world’s people consumed the world’s resources at the same rate that we in the U. S. consume, we would need seven planets to provide the resources for everyone!”
Are you kidding?  We need seven planets?  Quick!  Someone look that up!  Did that dream about salads and servants and people feasting with formal manners have anything to say about changing the way our planet or nation consumes?  Aw, c’mon!!  A dream is just a dream…isn’t it?
Dreams mirror us and we mirror our dreams.
Think about it.  The dream never lies.
Now, if you would like to explore your dreams with a group of trusted friends, here is your recipe for your own dream group:
1)  Take a dream, any dream, and promise yourself that no matter how weird, embarrassing, boring or scary, you will be curious as to how your dream may be seeking to speak to you with new insights and change.
2)  Find at least one other person, maybe more and, preferably, folks you can trust, and make a promise to listen to each other with confidentiality and without judgement.
3)  Share your dream, warts and all.
4)  The listeners will then “borrow” your dream, taking the dream as if it were their dream and using the gentle phrase from Jeremy Taylor’s esteemed work (, simply go around your circle completing this phrase as often as necessary : “If this were my dream, I…”. 
5)  While the dreamer listens, the others take turns “projecting”, using the above phrase to go deeper and deeper into the meanings of your dream. 
6)  When all seem done, you get to speak and share your ah-has, of what felt on-target for you from what was shared.  Everybody wins and learns about themselves, for it was every-body’s dream!
7)  Now, the group is invited to wonder and project about “what is this dream calling us to be about in our world, our family, our city, our community, our world?”  No dream comes just to the individual alone.  The dream, as has been true since the very beginnings of humanity, comes for “the clan”, “the tribe”, the community, the nation, the world.
Part of the discussion on this recent Saturday imagined a playful, yet profound and uplifting scene:  What if the Mayor or the City Council of some community were to have a period of discussion during a meeting and the Mayor or Council Member were to ask the audience, “Well, I had this dream recently and I would like it if you in the audience would borrow it and tell me that, if this were your dream, what might the dream be bidding us to do or explore?”  Is that nuts or what?  What if our President, at one of his famous town hall meetings were to do the same?  WOW!  Crazy!  Get outa here!
And amazing…??
So, dream well, my friends…and dream outside the box…away from those “formal” manners of dining…
Your wholeness, our world’s wholeness depends upon your dream.
Blessings this month,
(ps–I have several articles on my website to assist you in further exploring your dreams, just go to .)
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