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    "Tips on Dream Work"


    Relationships * Mindfulness * Spiritual Counseling * Dream Work

What if your dreams could help you heal?

Are you emotionally exhausted, experiencing depression or anxiety in your soul?

Disturbing Dreams?

Puzzling Dreams?

Do you have dreams that leave you in a state of awe & wonder?


Are you longing for a life rich with meaning and purpose?

Are you missing fulfillment or direction in your life?

Are you in a mid or later-life transition?


Dr. Royce Fitts offers seasoned spiritual counseling and dream work to assist you in the most important journey of your life.

I love to work with people wherever you live!

I offer local in-office sessions, long-distance telephone and video consulting,
dream retreats and workshops.

  • Are you trying to create and discover your meaning of life?
  • Are you needing to resolve life conflicts, heal from grief, divorce recovery, or wounded relationships?
  • Are you struggling with mid-life crisis?
  • Are you wanting to understand the meaning of dreams and use dream work and spiritual counseling to explore healing in relationships and enhance your professional fulfillment?

“…I found myself in a deep dark hole dangerously close to suicide… Royce takes the wounded spirit, and through a discovery process helps that person discover who and what they were always intended to be.” ~ S. W., Internet Analyst

Do you want to explore your life’s journey with integrity, adventure and health? As a spiritual counselor and psychotherapist, I will join with you as you seek to reflect your heart’s deepest values.

“Dr. Fitts’ dream work asks of us not only to relate to a dream, to deepen our introspection…but to contemplate together what action this dream may lead us toward for our individual, community and global health…This opportunity was a true gift…” ~ L. G., Social Work Field Coordinator

We are a community of fellow travelers, yet, each one taking individual steps. We are traveling, learning, growing, challenging each other, carrying one another’s burdens and seeking to support each other to move always in the direction of health and wholeness. We are beckoned, called…do you hear your call?

“I worked with Dr. Royce Fitts for several years. That work has encompassed multiple levels of deep emotional and spiritual work; it has been an excavation to discover the true self, hidden in the depths of the soul. Through psychotherapy, dream work, mirroring, group encounters and insightful guidance I am . . . re-membered to my true self” ~ F. P., Spiritual Director

I invite you to take these steps: